IAH Logo

International Audio Holding based in the Netherlands, is a pioneer for the research, development and production of technologically advanced audio products that provide a high-fidelity listening experience. We are best known for our brands “Siltech” and “Crystal Cable.”

For audio enthusiasts and music lovers around the world, both our iconic brands have become the benchmark for an unparalleled audio and musical experience. They capture the heart of music and deliver a captivating listening experience.

At International Audio Holding, high-quality music reproduction is the heart of everything. Our engineering is led by Edwin Rijnveld, the Founder and Technical Director. His team constantly invests in the best materials, latest tools and most reliable technology available to ensure the company continues to lead the way in the audio industry.


Crystal Cable lives and breathes music. We believe that music is an essential part of life. Our mission is to capture the essence of music, to deliver an unrivalled listening experience through cutting-edge technology and breathtaking design.

Great music is about feelings. We strive to unfold in music reproduction the virtuosity on instruments, the subtleties in performance and most of all, the emotion of artist that can get lost in a solely technical approach.

The ultimate goal is to transport you to the time and place your music was recorded. To put you in the room, at the concert, to hear the performance as the artist intended. Pure, without color, a time machine that brings an artist’s vision to life in front of you.

By creating an unforgettable listening experience alongside stunning design, we enhance the link between science and art, bringing products of superb musicality for music lovers everywhere.